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yuniawan on Jun 17th 2010

Maybe you can using entire article by include identity original writer. In certain conditions, please do not cite or reproduce without permission of the author. Hopefully useful ;)

Articles :

Army’s strategy with anthropology

Use the Web for network

Webometrics Study in Africa

HRD and Capacity Building

Pengembangan proyek OSS

Corporate Culture, Individual Value

History of Vietnam

Understanding of poverty

Class, culture and child rearing

Bridging organizational culture

Moral minds

When moral intuitions are immune to the law

Cultural mechanisms

Cultural differences

Making thinking visible

Primate Evolution

How old are you ?

Sex dimorphism

Political innovation

Bilingual Classroom 

High Ponderal Index in adult women

Fairness as appropriateness

Naturalistic Ethics

Brand Aid

Social Sciences and the Humanities Compared

Why some youth were successfully while others were floundering ?

Financial Decision

Globalization in the sociology of knowledge

Balinese Cockfight

Presentation :

Presentasi e-ii 2008

Talk show (sosialisasi) open source 2008

Pengelolaan artikel di web

The others :

Hymne Airlangga

Efficient Reading 

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